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Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering (YCCE), Nagpur




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Q: What is the entry fees?

A: Rs. 500 per candidate

Q: How will I know that my registration is successful?

A: Each participant will receive email notification upon successful registration and follow up emails of all upcoming dates for audition and results

Q: When will the presentations begin?

A: Participant’s presentations will begin by 1st week of December 2020

Q: When will be the winners declared?

A: Prizes will be declared by the end of December 2020

Q: How many total prizes are there?

A: Two prizes will be awarded​

Q: How much is the winning prize?

A: Winner will receive Rs. 10,000 and runner up will receive Rs. 5,000

Q: How will presentations take place?

A: Participant’s audition/presentation will be scheduled online on video calls

Q: How long will each participant get for explaining the business idea and plan?

A: Each participant will get 20 minutes (10min for presentation and 10min for Q&A)

Q: What is the basic criteria?

A: Idea must be unique and must be started with funds only up to Rs. 1 lakh

Q: How will the business plan be judged?

A: Points will be given based on predefined parameters (with score of 1-10 for each parameter) to eliminate bias and promote fair competition

Q: Which language can be used for the presentation?

A: Participant can use either Hindi, English or Marathi language to present their idea as per participant’s as well as Panelists convenience

Q: Is there any education criteria to participate?

A: There is NO CRITERIA on education, age or sex to participate in this competition

Q: How will I know when my presentation is scheduled?

A: Online calendar will be set to schedule participant’s appointments for audition which will be disclosed later

Q: Will I get an opportunity to implement my business idea?

A: Yes. Funding and free business consultation can be provided after the competition

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